What is a Disposable Cig?


World has been circulating around the net lately about the so-called “disposable cig.”  This term probably comes as no surprise to long-time smokers.  After all, we all throw our cigarettes away when we’re done with them.  But, what people are actually referring to is the new electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette

So what makes an electronic cigarette a disposable cig?  These cigarettes are a highly advanced piece of technology that provides a smoking alternative that closely mimics the smoking experience you are used to.  They are two-piece units, the end of contains the battery and atomizer.  The atomizer vaporizes the nicotine and flavor combination in the refill cartridge.

Disposable Cig

So, the disposable cig phrase refers to the refill cartridge on your e-cig.  The refill cartridge eventually runs out of liquid, meaning it has to be replaced.  But how long does the cartridge last before it has to be replaced?  Each refill cartridge lasts as long as 1.25 packs of cigarettes.  So, not only are you saving money and ditching all the nasty chemicals and compounds found in your smokes, but your new e-cig will last longer, too.

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