What is Electronic Smoke Like?


Among the most groundbreaking aspects of an electronic cigarette are all the questions surrounding the smoke.  It’s such a unique technology that many have difficulty understanding some of the basics surrounding the electronic smoke.  Well, wonder no more…

What’s in Electronic Smoke?

We’re all well aware of the nasties that are in traditional cigarette smoke, not to mention the stink that goes with them.  Electronic smoke looks pretty similar, so what’s it made of?  Actually, the only thing you’ll be exhaling when you’re using an electronic cigarette is water vapor.  That’s not so scary, is it?

Where Does Electronic Smoke Go?

Another big difference about electronic smoke is where it goes.  Ever boil water on the stove?  The steam just disappears, right?  The same is true about e-cig smoke.  You definitely won’t see a haze over the bar like you did with traditional cigarettes.

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