What is the Difference Between a Two-Piece vs. a Three-Piece Electronic Cigarette?

Besides the very obvious answer, the question of differences between the two and the three-piece electronic cigarettes may come down to the matter of personal opinion. To be fair and honest, it may require you to do a little personal research, reading the forums and the review sites and then testing the various kinds keeping in mind that there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right electronic cigarette, regardless of the number of pieces it comes in.

Here are a few of the factors that you might consider about the two-piece e-cig:

  • The atomizer is built in
  • There is no worry about cleanliness
  • No stress about atomizer performance
  • There is no need to buy a new atomizer at any time.

And a few facts to consider about the three-piece e-cig:

  • The atomizer of the three-piece e-cig is of a much higher quality
  • The atomizer also has a warranty (the two piece does not)
  • The refill cartridges for the three-piece e-cig is much cheaper, in some cases as much as fifty percent cheaper
  • Some brands of electronic cigarettes claim that their atomizers are self-cleaning.

What Are My Brand Options?

All electronic cigarette brands should clearly list on their web site whether you are getting a two piece or a three piece unit. In some cases, the brand may offer a number of options which might make things a little confusing, so always read the full product description before making your decisions.

To make things just a little more muddled, some brands have changed or upgraded from one style to another in recent months so along with reading reviews make sure that you are reading the most current information for the product you are interested in. if there are any doubts, call customer service and ask a few questions. Not only will that tell you about the components you are ordering but may give you a little bit of insight into how the customer service department works. If you get the runaround before you even make a purchase, do you really want to buy anything from that company?

Here is a short list of two-piece cigarette companies, which is by no means meant to be comprehensive in nature.

  • GreenSmoke
  • Bloog
  • Smoke 51
  • Smoking Everywhere (some models)

A Brief List of three-piece Examples

  • Blu
  • Envy
  • Cig
  • NJOY
  • Smoking Everywhere (again, some models)

Blu has also made a change from the three-piece to the two-piece in recent months with some customers saying it is a huge improvement while others are less enthused.

It All Comes Down to Personal Taste

Just like with traditional cigarettes, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people are just going to like the ease and simplicity of the two-piece electronic cigarette better than the three-piece. Some people are going to say that they enjoy the flavor of the three-piece better than the two-piece. It is personal. The only way that you can tell which is right for you is by using a brand of each, maybe sampling some flavors or using different models.  There are several things that you should compare the two types by:

  • The overall price. Remember that in addition to the price you pay for the starter package you will have to pay for refill cartridges and other accessories as well as replacement batteries. The shipping and handling charges for each of these packages should also be figured into that total amount.
  •  How well you like the product. Read the reviews and see what other people are saying and then try it for yourself. Don’t get caught up with finding the perfect two piece electronic cigarette without at least giving the three-piece e- cigs a chance.

There are dozens of brands that were not even mentioned here, many with options from either side of this debate. It is not easy to say that one is better than the other because personal opinion has to enter into it.

A Side-By-Side Comparison

To be fair, you should test two (one of each kind) electronic cigarettes side-by-side.

  • Do you notice that you are drawn to the appearance of one over the other?
  • Do you like the way that one feels in your hand more?
  • Is there a better flavor with one brand?
  • Do you find yourself returning to one more often than not?

These are all valid points to consider. Before you invest heavily in one brand, make sure that it is the right brand for your needs. It may cost more to do your ecig comparisons this way, but it is the only way to make your choice.

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