What is the Top Selling American Made e-Cigarette?

If you are looking for a new or replacement electronic cigarette you made want to make a decision based on more than just flavor, ratings and price. For many people, only American made items will do for them whenever possible, so they want to find the top selling, American made electronic cigarette for their smoking needs. There are a few things that you should know about your search.

Is it All or Nothing?

When you say “American” made, do you mean the whole thing, or do you want just most of the electronic cigarette to be made in the US?  That may raise some concerns for many people. Here are some questions you should investigate before purchase:

  • Does made in the USA mean the whole e-cigarette?
  • If not, then what parts are made in the US and what parts are made in other countries?
  • Are there any countries that you are less confident in buying from?
  • Do you know that you are getting the genuine product when you order from an online retailer or a bulk wholesale site?

To be sure that you are getting what you are paying for, always shop directly with the manufacturer or a trusted wholesale site. Remember, pop-up ads and links can take you to virtually anywhere.

What Makes a Top Selling Product?

Before you can choose a top selling, American made electronic cigarette it is important to consider what makes a product better than another. After all, the basics of the e-cigarettes are the same: the same components, the same actions and the same expectations. It is the other factors that set them each apart from one another. So, here are some of the things that you should be considering when you are making your choices, American made or not:

  • Price. Electronic cigarettes are meant to be at least comparable to regular cigarettes in terms of price and in many cases can offer great savings. When comparing price options, always include the cost of shipping and handling as well. The cost of shipping should be comparable from company to company with some offering discount coupons or free shipping on specialized offers.
  • Customer service. When you buy a pack of regular cigarettes, you don’t care if the guy at the counter is nice or surly- you buy them, you smoke them, it’s over and done with. However, when you buy an e-cig, you need to know that you are going to be able to enjoy it from start to finish and if there is a problem, you should be able to get hold of a live person to get real solutions. If a company has really bad customer service, they are not worth dealing with.
  • Package options: with the electronic cigarettes, you should have the option of a starter pack, a refill pack or other premium packaging deals.
  • Flavors: most electronic cigarettes come in a number of different flavor varieties that include regular or menthol and more exotic flavors like fruits or chocolate.
  • Shipping options. Some companies automatically sign you up for shipments that come monthly and bill your credit card just before or just after that shipment leaves. If you don’t want this, it should be a simple thing to opt out. If not, then consider a different company.
  • A warranty. Of course, you cannot buy a warranty on regular cigarettes. You pretty much know what you are getting when you buy a pack. But, with an electronic cigarette, which is meant to last for much longer, you should be able to get what you pay for. Most companies offer a warranty for at least a year for their main parts and their chargers. The battery may have a shorter warranty for it alone.

What do Reviews Say About the Top Selling American Made Electronic Cigarette

All in all, Blu is the top selling American made e-cig according to reviews and various web sites and forums. According to the official company website, Blu is made in Wisconsin. Here are some of the key features that make Blu an outstanding electronic cigarette choice:

  • A nicely designed black flip top box meant to look like a regular cigarette pack.
  • A newly formulated liquid “e-juice” is meant to be safer than the old formulation.
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Offers a great amount of vapor which is one of the first questions most new electronic cigarette users will ask.
  • Available in five flavors: classic tobacco, menthol, java jolt, cherry and vanilla
  • A longer lasting battery than its previous design.
  • Available in a white, more traditional style or in black
  • If you get within fifty feet of someone else who uses Blu, the pack will vibrate and its logo will light up.
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