What Is Vaping & Other E-cig Terminology Defined

Someone who smokes a standard tobacco cigarette takes a drag, hit, puff or simply inhales from their cigarette. So if you are an e-cig user, what is it called? Those who are sucking in smoke are called smokers, so it seems to make sense that those who are drawing in vapors would be vaping. As you get more into the world of using electronic cigarettes, there are certain terms that may come up that you are not familiar with.

  • Vaping: Basically this is the very act of using an electronic device for inhaling vapors.
  • Atomizer: This is the part of the device that generates enough heat to convert the liquid into vapor.
  • Passthrough: This is important to know because you will want to learn about your different options when it comes to starter kits and accessories. This method actually utilizes a USB port in order to get vapor instead of being required to use the battery. Some users actually prefer this method and claim the taste is better and the vapor more robust.
  • Throat Hit: Those who have smoked nicotine in tobacco cigarettes before may already be familiar with what the term describes and feels like. Smokeless devices that contain nicotine will still have that same sensation in the throat when vaping. For options that contain only trace amounts or no nicotine, there will be little to no throat hit feeling present.
  • Propylene Glycol or PG: This is also important to be aware of because there are actually some e-cig users who seem to have an allergic reaction to PG. Some e-juice brands contain this as an ingredient, and you should be aware before ordering  so you can be aware of the potential risk. For those who cannot use PG products, the alternative is VG.
  • Vegetable Glycerol or VG: This is the common alternative to propylene glycol and is quickly gaining popularity because of the low chance of allergic reaction. It is known for producing greater vapor but not as strong a flavor or throat hit as PG.
  • Starter Kit: A starter kit is the system you use when you buy your first smokeless or switch to a new brand. The contents can vary, or you can upgrade or downgrade to have different options. Generally a starter kit will include an atomizer, a battery and charger, and cartridges pre-filled with e-juice for flavor.
  • Flooding: Flooding is an occurrence you may experience if there is too much juice in the atomizer. Usually this would only happen with the style in which you supply the amount of e-juice yourself.
  • Leaking: This is a problem that seems to only occur with devices that are a three part system. Again this usually happens when there is too much juice contained in the atomizer or cartomizer. Aside from being messy, the leak can seep into the battery and cause damage to the device.
  • Dripping: The dripping method is a way of adding e-juice to an atomizer just before vaping. Because this process bypasses the bridge, many users prefer it because it supposedly creates better vapor and taste.
  • Bridge: While you may not read or hear about it much in forums or reviews, the bridge is vital to the vaping process. The bridge is basically a horseshoe shaped piece inside the atomizer. The function of this piece is to soak up liquid and help transport it to the element for heating. All of this is what results in the creation of the vapors you find from the device.
  • Filler Material: Another crucial part to making the entire device function correctly is the filler. This is what is inside of the cartridge to help absorb the juice instead of allowing it to leak. The filler then also is essential to helping to distribute the juice to the atomizer at a steady pace for a clean, smooth usage.
  • Manual:  When it comes to electronic cigs, manual generally refers to a system in which users push a button to cause the heating element to be activated. It does not quite replicate the same experience as inhaling to activate the system like smoking a traditional cigarette. This is not nearly as common, but some users prefer it because there is less leaking potential.
  • Automatic: The automatic is the more common and preferred method to activating the heating element to create vapor. As with a standard tobacco cigarette, the user inhales, which results in vapor or smoke. With an electronic version, an automatic is closer to standard cigarette use when compared to manual, which uses push button activation.

The truth is there are probably plenty more unfamiliar words you will come across. With a little patience and research, it can all begin to make sense though.

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