What Makes an E-Cig Top Rated

If you are considering buying an electronic cigarette or changing from the one you currently have, then you are probably sifting through different reviews. There are certainly plenty of brands and devices available, but it still seems hard to make a decision as to which one to buy. While it may seem helpful that there are so many reviews and feedback from both professionals and consumers, this can also make it much more confusing.

The important part is to just keep in mind some of the most important aspects of what to look for in an e-cig. If you know what goes into making one electronic cigarette higher rated than another then the whole process makes more sense. Some of what makes one brand more popular than another is individual taste or what is most important to you as a user. Still, keep in mind these factors that help determine what makes a device top rated, and it should help make your decision making process easier.

What Consumers Want

So what exactly does make one smokeless device more popular than another? Or what goes into making any particular brand and overall top contender? Here are a few of the considerations that go into making one device preferred over another and what you may want to consider before buying your first or next brand.

  • Vapor Volume – This is usually one of the most important factors for users. What smoke volume would be for a traditional tobacco cigarette, vapor volume if for an electronic one. Generally the fuller, thicker and more robust the vapor the more popular the brand is. The thing to keep in mind is that you have to take your own preference into account when making a choice. There are plenty of users who actually like a device that offers a milder plume of vapor. So if you are a user who likes a lighter vapor volume, take this into consideration when reading reviews, comparing brands and making your own choice for which device to purchase.
  • Flavor Quality and Choices – Flavor is probably the next important trait that goes into making one brand more popular than another. Some brands seem to offer the best quality of flavor, while other brands offer plenty when it comes to quantity. However those brands that manage to offer both quantity and quality usually fare the best when it comes to top rated brands. Again it depends what your preferences are. There are a large number of brands that focus on offering just tobacco flavors, such as classic tobacco, menthol, and blends, such as Turkish. For those users it doesn’t matter if their brand also offers a bunch of tutti-frutti flavors as well. On the other hand plenty of e-cig users like those fruity flavors, and for them a top brand must offer a wide variety. Decide what’s important to you when it comes to flavors, and this will help you make your decision.
  • Battery Life & Ease of Use – It should come as no surprise that users of these devices like to have a brand that is known to get long, quality life from a fully charged battery. Not only that but the easier it is to use without leaks, mess or clean up involved the more popular the brand will be. Very few brands are really known for having great battery life, so right now the top contenders are usually those that at least have better battery life than others. Also the three part devices are notorious for having leaks, which tends to result in the two part systems being the more preferred brands. Even the ease with which a user can travel with the device and charge it on the go makes one type more popular than another.
  • Accessories & Appearance – While not as important to the majority of smokeless device users, the available accessories and appearance are often a part of what makes one brand a top contender over the other competitors. One of the most popular newer accessories users appreciate is the charger pack. This is usually something that looks like a standard tobacco cigarette pack that plugs directly into the wall without a cord. It is a quick and easy way to charge your device at home or away from home. Accessories that let you charge your e-cig in the car are usually also very important. Finally many users also like to have a device and travel carry case that looks cool, but what “cool” means is subjective to different users. While some people like an electronic cig that looks like a true traditional tobacco cigarette, others like one that is colorful and looks nothing like that. Jeweled tips that glow like a burning ember and get brighter when the user inhales are also a trendy feature that many users prefer.

What makes one brand a top contender for you could be different than another user. Make sure you base your choice on what you think will matter most to you.


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