What Not to Do When E-Smoking on an Airplane

E-Smoking on an Airplane

By now, we all know that one of the most awesome things about vapor cigarettes is the ability to use them anywhere.  People have talked about being able to “smoke” at their favorite restaurants, the movie theater, etc.  And yes, e-smoking on an airplane has even been reported.  Of course, whenever you bust out your electric cigarette in a place that smokes are banned, it’s always nice to let those around you know the difference, especially since it looks so much like the real thing.

What’s not a positive step?  Becoming belligerent with those around you while e-smoking on an airplane.  Also a bad idea?  Throwing peanuts at the cockpit door.  Think it doesn’t happen?  Check out this write-up of a recent Southwest flight by clicking here.

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