What Type of Accessories are Available for eCigs?

When you buy traditional cigarettes, you get a case and a lighter. Some people would occasionally get little pouches to stash their cigarettes, their lighter and a few bucks instead of carrying a purse or having to hold these things in their hands. With the electronic cigarettes, there are few things that are needed and some that are just interesting to have as an extra.

Your electronic cigarette accessories may include things that are useful for a number of situations: how you use them, how you carry them and how you charge them.

Accessories for How You Use Electronic Cigarettes

Some of the things that you might need in addition to other accessories might include things like the flavor cartridges, refills of the juice which is used in certain brands and electronic cigarette stands.

Flavor cartridges: each brand has a number of flavors that you can choose from with some brands carrying as few as five different flavors and some having twenty or more. It is not advisable to try to use the refill cartridges from one brand with another electronic cigarette model for safety and effective use.

Not all brands need to use the refill of the juice and this is one of the drawbacks of some brands because it can be messy and annoying to try to do this on your own.

Electronic cigarette stands are used to keep your unit safe and in one spot so that it doesn’t end up missing or lost during charging or when it is not being used. These are especially helpful for people who do not use their e-cigs every day. Some stands are acrylic and allow more than one e-cigarette to be placed on the stand- almost as if they were on display. Another option is a small plastic stand that just balances the e-cig between uses or during charging.

Accessories for How You Carry Your Electronic Cigarettes

In addition to using your e-cigarette, you will also want to carry it from place to place. There are several options for doing so, of course, some of those are not recommended by the manufacturer. For instance, if you put yours in your pocket you could bend or break it. Dropping it into a purse or bag can mean that you are going to be spending hours searching through dozens of things to find it. They are relatively small, especially when they hide in the contents of a jumbled bag. There are other options to carry your e-cigs as well. These include:

  • Cases. Some brands have hard, flip top cases that are meant to be a stylish and safe way to carry your e-cigs. Blu, for instance, uses a flip top case that has an added feature which causes the case to vibrate and the logo to light up when someone else with that brand is within fifty feet. The company calls it a way to establish a social network among its users. Cases can be hard or soft, with some made of leather or material that is meant to look like leather.
  • Single unit cases. Slim, attractive, these cases are meant to carry just one of your units with you. These are typically metallic and look like an ink pen case at first glance. Some have a clip that allows them to be slid into a shirt pocket for discreet storage.
  • Lanyards. These allow you to keep your electronic cigarette on a strap around your neck.

Accessories for How You Charge Your Electronic Cigarettes

Keeping your electronic cigarette charged and ready to go is important as well. There are a number of different types of chargers that might be needed. These might include:

  • An AC adapter. These are used while you are at home. Many people charge their e-cigarettes during the night while they are sleeping so that they are ready to go.
  • A USB charger. Meant to be connected to your computer for charging via a USB port, these can be great to have on hand when you are not at home and do not want to carry your conventional charger along with you.
  • Car adapter: These allow you to charge up while on the road.

Another accessory is the battery cleaning kit, which is sold to ensure that your battery is clean and ready to make solid connections and take a better charge. Some companies call these unnecessary, so use with caution. Many companies bundle charges in special packages – which can give you great savings. However, don’t get confused and buy items that you do not need, already have or do not want. All accessories that you choose should complement your e-cigarette enjoyment and should never cost more than your e-cig.

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