What You Need to Know about Refills & Other Details of E-cigs

Unless you are using a disposable electronic smokeless device, you are going to have to take care of certain things such as cleaning your device. Another thing that often comes up as a question is when cartomizers need changing. It can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the brand or even how much use your device gets.

However here is a quick rundown of some things you should know about this aspect of e-cigs. Here are some of the common questions users ask and a few that you may have wondered yourself.

  • So how long does one last? You should be able to get about a month of use from your cartomizer, give or take a week. If it lasts much less than that, you are either using your device a great deal more than average or may want to consider a brand that’s higher quality.
  • How can I tell if I need to change the cartomizer? One of the best indicators is that the vapor quality will decrease. It may also be much more difficult to drag and actually get any vapor. And if you can get any vapor it will be low quality or lack any real taste. Make sure you check to see if your battery is fully functioning before assuming it is the cartomizer, though.
  • What about the poly filler? Inside your cartomizer is something similar to the filter tip in a standard tobacco cigarette. This spongy material is called the poly filler. If you have ever seen the tip of a cigarette that gets dark brown to black as the smoker inhales, then you get an idea of what the poly filler is like and how it can end up looking.

The difference with poly filler is that the type of e-juice you use can darken or clog this quicker. For example thicker liquids, such as coffee flavor, tend to clog up the poly filler quicker. Keep this in mind when ordering your juice flavors.

  • Keep it clean – Making it a point to keep your device clean will also help the performance. You can get a longer life span out of your device if you keep it cleaned regularly. This will also help you cut down on your expense of replacing parts of the device.
  • What’s that burnt taste I notice when vaping? If you notice a burnt taste when using your device, it usually means there is an issue with the refilling of the cartomizers. This usually happens when the cartomizer is overfilled. The best way to fix this is to replace it, although you can try cleaning it first and seeing if the taste goes away. Usually once the poly filler is burnt from overfilling, there is nothing else that can be done.
  • I notice mine is leaking, is this a problem? Cartomizers usually leak for two different reasons. It can either be from a broken device or from overfilling. Either way, once you notice a significant leak it is time to replace the cartomizer. This is the reason many users opt to buy prefilled cartridges. If you don’t feel comfortable filling your own and want to avoid overfilling with juice or liquid, you can simply get the prefilled ones.

Other Things to Consider

As you do research and read up on these devices, you will begin to learn a lot more about them. It is important to get an idea of what other users are saying about devices or brands you may be considering. This is also a great way to learn about using your device or what other things you may need. In other words, you can learn from other people’s experiences.

Some of this is opinion, though, so don’t always get too caught up on this. For example, the debate seems to continue about whether or not mixing juice is a good idea. What this means is that many people who fill their own device will mix flavors. For instance, if you buy kiwi and watermelon, you can blend these to create your own flavor of kiwi-melon.

Some users say this can be a bad idea. There are several possible reasons for not doing this, but many users just claim it is more likely to cause an overfill and lead to damage to your cartomizer. If this is a concern for you, it may be a better idea to stick to using prefilled cartridges. The good news is that many brands offer a huge variety of flavors and flavor blends.

When in doubt, shop around the websites of different brands you are considering. Check out their FAQ section to see questions their customers ask and the answers posted. Also look for reviews online to compare the brands you are considering.

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