What’s in Most Ecig Starter Kits?

There are literally hundreds of different electronic cigarette starter kids on the shelves today for purchase.  Often, it really can be quite confusing, especially for a smoker who wants to try this smokeless alternative.

You may be wondering what exactly is in these kits and perhaps if one is better than another.  An e-cig starter kit is the most popular option because you get everything you need to get started, to get a taste for it and go from there. They are made to make it easy for people who are virgins with the concept.

So What’s in These Kits?

Well, first off before you can even set your mouth puffing, you’ve got to charge the battery up to get ready for use.

In the basic kit that comes straight from the manufacturer, you will get either one or two batteries that will be completely charged.  Although you should make note these batteries may lose some of their power naturally during the shipping process.

This means you’re smart to use the charger that either goes into the wall or USB socket to give the battery a little extra ump before starting.

You will also get numerous cartomizers (or cartridges) and this will depend on the specific model you have purchased.  With the disposable option, they can’t be refilled, and they come with the flavoring and liquid juice pre-made. People just starting out seem to like these disposable e-cigs because they are simple.

However, with the more serious e-smokers, the refillable units seem to make a little more sense because this method is cheaper in the long run.  Ultimately the choice is yours!

So when you are choosing a starter kit, you simply need to figure out whether you ‘d like disposable or refillable and what level of nicotine you would prefer.

You get everything else included to give you the best e-cigs experience possible.

Can These Kits Be Interchangeable?

Now if you aren’t sure whether you want disposable or refillable, there’s no need to fret.  Often electronic cigarettes in starter kits include replaceable units containing atomizers that will often work with refillable devices that work with atomizers.

See, the difference in each of these is the small warming element in an atomizer is made to persevere through numerous refills.  Some vapers want throwaways because you then receive a fresh warming element every time a cartomizer is replaced.  This, of course, means you will never have any issues with the warming element failing.

People new to this want to know how long each kit will last, but this is dependent specifically on how each person uses the unit. Maybe you breathe in deeply and this will use up the liquid a whole lot faster than someone who doesn’t.

In general though, a single cartomizer usually gives the same amount of nicotine as a single pack of normal tobacco-based cigarettes.  The best route here is to jump in with both feet, use an electronic cigarette starter kit and figure out your preferences along the way!

Be Sensible

Common sense dictates pretty loud and clear that traditional tobacco smoking is unhealthy.  Even smokers will admit this, but because it’s so addictive many have a tough time stopping no matter how much they want to.

That said, people who opt for electronic cigarettes run into the same sort of challenges.  You need to have some common sense if you are going to enjoy this smoking option without hassle and to help keep this window of opportunity open for others if they choose.

It goes without saying that e-cigs look very much like regular tobacco cigarettes and were made to take the place of the traditional smoking stick.  Because of this, it is easy for a non-smoker to think this ‘fake’ version is real.

It’s pretty easy to understand how a non-smoker may get upset with someone using this electronic version in public, and we need to be wary of this.

The Benefits

There are quite a number of benefits in choosing electronic cigarettes over the traditional tobacco style.

Smoking is a habit, and in order to break a habit you need to make changes.  One advantage of choosing the mechanical version is that you can make the change manageable by having control over the amount of nicotine you receive.

If you choose, you can wean yourself right off nicotine slowly and not suddenly.  Going cold turkey causes nasty withdrawal symptoms and is usually too much for people to handle.

If you enjoy the social aspects of smoking, you will still enjoy them with your e-cigarettes without the degree of negative health consequences.  Not to mention you won’t have yellow hands, skin and teeth and worst of all bad breath.

It seems pretty clear that an ecig starter kit is a great way to get started on this new option.

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