When the Lights Go Out, You’ll Still Be Able to Vape Your Electronic Cig

Storms tend to damage a lot of things and ruin your day. More than likely, you are one of those who when the television or lights get knocked out by a storm, become frustrated and bored. But don’t worry if you are an electronic cigarette user because after reading this article you’ll know the proper ways in which you’ll still be able to utilize your device in the event of a storm.

Storms can come in the form of dangerous lightning or blizzards depending on the season. They can really do some damage to your home and belongings, especially your power supply. There’s nothing like losing power when you’re in the middle of something, besides sleep.  The last thing that you’ll want to lose is the power for your electronic cigarette.

Here are a few simple tips to reinsure that the next time you lose power that you won’t lose it to your device:

  • In order to be prepared, you are going to have to make up a list of things that you will need for your device. You must stock up on cartridges and juices. If possible, make sure that you have enough for a few weeks because you never know how long that you might be stuck without power. The other thing to consider is your battery. In order for the device to work properly, you are going to have to charge it after each use.
  • Battery chargers are something that you’ll need if you want the device to work consistently. The more you purchase, along with batteries, the better your device is going to work. Also, if you charge more than one battery you’ll be ready for when and if a disaster occurs. Having a few days of power is better than having none.
  • Don’t worry if you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase a battery charger and your power has gone out because there are also car chargers available for your device. So if you are not having luck with your power for days, you can always rely on your car charger for power. Don’t leave your car running just to get power to your device; you can plug it in while out running errands.
  • A new concept for the electronic cigarette is the charging case. All you need to do is plug your device into the charger and soon you will be able to enjoy your favorite e-cig. It is portable as you can take it anywhere you go and it will be ready to use for when a disaster hits.
  • Now, for all of you who are indeed dedicated to the electronic cigarette you can purchase the solar power charger. Yes, they are available and are quickly becoming popular among users. Let the sun charge your device instead of relying on electricity to do the trick.

You want to be ready for when the big one hits. There is nothing like losing power for days. It always leaves you in the dark, literally. So you’ll want to remember to have your e-cigarette ready. In order to do this, you’ll have to have your battery charged and have more than one on hand, just in case.

Here are some other reminders to consider during a storm:

  • Don’t vape your device outside during a lightning storm or any other type of harsh weather. If any water or condensation gets into your device it could end up ruining it.
  • When making the decision to purchase an electronic cigarette, make sure to buy a kit. This is always so helpful because they come with everything you’ll need to get started and come in a handy carrying case so you can transport it during a storm.
  • Buying juices for the tank is another thing to remember. If you only have one vial, you may end up using it too quickly. They are relatively inexpensive and come in so many varieties that it is always worth having more than one on hand.
  • Stock up on at least two batteries. They wear down after each use, but the nice thing about them is they can be recharged after using them. So at least you won’t have to replace them over and over. The best thing to do is charge the first one while you are using the other one.
  • Vape the device in areas that permit it. Traditional smoking has been banned almost everywhere except outdoors, whereas rules about vaping are lenient in more areas. Make sure that if you have to evacuate during a storm into a shelter or someone else’s domain you ask for permission. Failing to ask can cause people who don’t vape to get upset.

These are just a few simple rules for using an electronic cigarette. If you want to enjoy one during a power outage, you are going to have to use some common sense. Always enjoy.

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