Where Are E-cigs Banned & Other FAQs

Interest in the new smoking devices has skyrocketed over the past few years. While there are many places that you can enjoy one of these, there are places and parts of the world that have banned them. Take a look at some of the areas that will not allow these mechanisms to be used.

Before investing in one of these devices it is a good idea to be familiar with the current regulations and bans. This will impact where you can use them or take them:

  • Seattle, Washington – The action to actually ban the use of these has not been implemented, but lawmakers are trying to get the act passed.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The city of brotherly love is proposing a ban on all smokeless tobacco related products.
  • Mexico – This country is restricting the use of sales, distribution or promoting of e-cig devices.
  • Canada – There is a ban on the importation and its accessories of this product.
  • Australia – Lawmakers argue that any type of tobacco related products have the potential to be addictive.
  • Airplanes – The ban restricts any person from using tobacco related products on a plane or in an airport.

The argument over this instrument being used in public places/cities is an ongoing one. Some states are comparing the electronic device to a standard cigarette, while manufacturers are defending them with their “smokeless” appeal.

On the brighter side, there are places that will allow these devices to be vaped. With any establishment that has a restriction on smoking, check with management prior to using them. Here is a small sample of places that allow these devices to be used:

  • Malls – Some malls across the country allow the mechanisms to be used. This is due in part to them not containing any tobacco or producing smoke.
  • Bars/clubs – They are considered public places. Because of their vaporous abilities, they can be used in these establishments.
  • Office buildings – There is a restriction on lighting up in a public building and within so many feet of it, but electronic cigarette users can utilize these here as there are no odors that emit from them.

Many cities are making the attempt to ban the devices. They are able to restrict the sales of them and any accessories that may accompany them. Lawmakers argue that these new mechanisms are comparable to snuff and all other smokeless tobaccos.

These devices are manufactured with the goal of being safe and environmentally conscious as they do not produce smoke. The benefit to using them is that they do not contain tobacco and are odorless. They use vapors, which are inhaled and do not return any residue when exhaled. They are convenient and easy to use with their portable abilities. The device runs off of a battery, which can be charged when needed. This can be done in any USB port.

The FDA is trying to get the court’s decision to make the electronic devices regulated. Proponents of these battery operated devices are arguing that they merely recreational and are more of an alternative to cigarette rather than a substitute. The FDA wants these mechanisms to come with a warning on them. Electronic cigarette makers are attempting to sell even more of these online and in malls without the hassle of restriction the FDA is trying to impose.


Your next question is probably what step comes next in this ongoing argument. Will the devices become banned for good? This is a good question considering the publicity it is receiving. Rest assured, these mechanisms have built a strong reputation on being cost effective and durable. Cigarette companies get defensive when they see an alternative to smoking hit the market. They do not make money when new devices that steer people away from traditional smoking come about, but some of the bigger tobacco companies have bought into the market.


Is there anywhere a person can petition in order to keep these devices on the market? There are many sites dedicated to keeping these mechanisms in the public’s view. Another good way to keep them would be to contact your local state representatives and get their views on them. By acting on this you may be able to prevent possible future bans.

These instruments have stirred up controversy since their debut. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather a promotion for the product. As with anything new, the best advice would be to research the topic first.

This multi-million dollar industry continues to grow daily offering new ways to enjoy this device. The features of these appeal to users wanting a fresh method of being able to seek a tobacco-less medium. They are offered in a variety of flavors and can be purchased almost anywhere online and offline.

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