Where Can I Find a Lifetime Warranty on Smokeless Cigs?

Warranties and guarantees are a big deal in the world of electronic cigarettes.  And for good reason, considering you’re making what seems like a pretty big lifestyle change.  So, before you decide whether or not you’re going to make the switch, where can you go for a lifetime warranty on smokeless cigs?

Lifetime Warranty on Smokeless Cigs

The battery of your electronic cigarette is the workhorse of the entire unit, roughly equivalent to the lighter you always carry with you now.  The difference is, if your lighter runs out, a friend probably can offer a light.  If your battery malfunctions, you are probably out of luck.  With that in mind, we encourage you to keep an eye out for long-term warranties on smokeless cig batteries.

Try checking out the top sellers of e-cigarettes and ask them what kind of warranty they offer.

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