Where Can I Find the Most Popular Smokeless Cigarette Flavors?

So you’ve heard all about electronic cigarettes and you’re ready to give them a try.  The only problem is, you’re not sure which flavor to go with.  Which are the most popular smokeless cigarette flavors and where can you get them?

Since electronic cigarettes are designed to be a close imitation of the smoking experience you’re used to, naturally some of the most popular smokeless cigarette flavors are those common in traditional cigarettes.  These include Regular and Menthol flavor.  Some even lean towards the Clove flavor.

Others prefer to go a less traditional route, since they don’t want their e-cigs to taste the same as their old smokes.  Those with this point of view have made Chocolate, Coffee, and Strawberry very popular smokeless cigarette flavors.

Of course, if you still have trouble picking your favorite, there’s always the Variety Pack, which lets you sample multiple flavors.

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