Where Will You Go Now that You Can Smoke Anywhere?

Yes, smokers, you read that title correctly.  With an electronic cigarette, you are now allowed to smoke anywhere, as bans on traditional smoking do not apply to e-cigs.  Sufficed to say, people are feeling fairly liberated right now.  So where are you going to smoke, now that you can smoke anywhere?

  • The movies – Can you even imagine lighting up in a crowded theater?  How long would it take before you were kicked out and/or covered in popcorn thrown by other customers?  Not anymore.  Now that you can smoke anywhere with an e-cig, you’re good to go.
  • At work – Have a stressful day ahead of you at the office?  Unwind with a great smoking alternative right at your desk.  And with the USB passthrough for e-cigs, you can even skip the battery.
  • Converts – Now that you can smoke anywhere, it may be in your best interest to educate those around you while you’re puffing away.  Usually, once you explain your new gadget, they go from perturbed to interested.

So excited about the ability to smoke anywhere with an e-cigarette?  Better take some time to read our full reviews of top e-cig brands and pick your favorite (click here).

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