Which E-Cig Flavors are Right for Me?


After choosing the manufacturer of your e-cig, the next most important selection is probably choosing from all the e-cig flavors available to you.  Here, we’ll hit on a few of the popular flavors, along with some you might not know are available…

Popular E-Cig Flavors

Most smokers don’t like change when it comes to their smokes.  The transition to electronic cigarettes is significant enough, without adding extra stress due to flavor change.  That having been said, some of the most popular e-cig flavors are probably familiar to you.  “Regular” and “Menthol” flavors will certainly help you feel at home.

Other E-Cig Flavors

Of course, some people are a bit more adventurous and have made a few other flavors fairly popular.  Maybe it makes sense that other strong addictions like, “Coffee” and “Chocolate” are among these.  If you have experience with clove cigarettes, you may also be interested in “Clove” flavor.

Choosing an E-Cig Flavor

Still not sure which flavor is right for you?  That’s ok, because many vendors offer a Variety Pack.  This pack will help you choose your favorite flavor, with many to choose from for your first few smokes.

So which of the best makers of electric cigarettes is right for you?  Read our comprehensive reviews of the top 20 e-cig brands to find out (click here).

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