Who’s Got the Best Menthol-Flavored Electric Cigs?

Menthol-Flavored Electric Cigs

If you’re an e-cig user, there are a few main things that concern you: quality, price, and flavor.  With that in mind, why not have a special post dedicated to the menthol people in the house?  So, the question is, who has the best menthol-flavored electric cigs?

Here at ElectronicCigarette.net, we make it our personal mission to provide you the most up-to-date e-cigarette reviews so you can find the smoking experience you’re used to.  After all, if you’re making the switch to e-cigs, you’ve decided you’re done with the nasty chemicals, but not ready to give up the experience.  Just like any other e-cigarette flavor, you can find a menthol e-cig that tastes just like what you’re used to.  Try a pack today and see if you don’t catch yourself looking at your cig, wondering where the flame is.

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