Why an Electronic Cigarette May Take Some Time to Get Used to

Most people do not pick up a cigarette and just puff away like an old pro. They cough and sputter. They may feel light headed and may vomit a time or two, but many will keep on going until they get used to it. The same is true of the electronic cigarette. There is a different sensation to using it, and there are other things that you might need to remember. With a tobacco cigarette, you have to remember to bring matches or a lighter wherever you go. With an e-cig, you have to remember to keep your unit charged and to bring your charger with you. You have to remember to make sure that you have replacement cartridges or the refilling juice so that you can keep on using it. You have to reorder at least a few weeks before you run out. There are a few extra things to remember and a few extra steps to take.

Getting Used to the Sensations

The first time smoker must learn how to inhale properly to slowly draw the smoke into their throat and then to exhale it equally slowly. Learning to control the smoke is another thing they will have to do as they continue to learn how to smoke. The first time vaper (as the electronic cigarette users are called) will have to learn how to inhale on the cartridge to engage the heating element. In some units, that takes quite a bit of effort. In others, the draw is much easier to accomplish. You may need to experiment a little bit to find the right one for you.

Another thing you have to get used to is the different flavors. Just like a smoker can get used to the taste of a certain tobacco, an e-cig user can also get used to a certain flavor. Many will opt for a cartridge that tastes like regular tobacco while others might choose to try other, more exotic flavors instead. The vapor that is emitted from the e-cig is different from the sensation of smoke and has a different feeling.

Remembering to Charge, Remembering to Buy Replacements

If you do not remember to plug in the unit and charge it up, it will be dead when you need it, especially if you don’t use it every day. Most people get a single type of charger with their unit when they buy a starter kit, but have the option to buy other types that suit their needs. They might choose a USB charger, which allows them to charge with their laptop or desk top computer. People who spend a lot of time in their car might decide to buy a car charger as well.

Replacement parts are another consideration. People need to make sure that they are keeping the cartridges and other parts ready to go at all times. Once the juice (the liquid used to create the vapor) is gone, the e-cig will not be usable.

The Way the Electronic Cigarette Feels in the Hand

In addition to charging and replacing parts, the e-cig feels different to the user because it is much heavier and more solid than the traditional cigarette. The unit weighs more than a full pack of cigarettes, for instance and may take a few minutes of use to adjust. How it is held during use may also be affected by the weight and its design.

Getting Used to the Process

Disposable e-cigs are available in many places these days, but not everyone likes them as much as their traditional e-cigs. Some brands of electronic cigarettes are sold in local stores, but not all of them are. If you are a fan of a specific brand, you must get used to buying and ordering them from the websites or other online resources before you run out. New flavor choices may also be selected and sampled if you would like, but always make sure that you still have enough of your fall back favorites.

As you become more of a savvy shopper, you can find discounts, coupons and special deals that will allow you to save money on every purchase. You might also be able to enroll in a program that gives you a set amount of money back on your online purchases.

A Final Thing to Keep in Mind

Right now, there are not as many rules about vaping as there are about smoking. That is likely to change as those for and against battle back and forth about whether it is the same thing or not. You might get hassled in a few places, but for the most part, people are allowing vapers to continue without bothering them.

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