Why Aren’t There E-Cigarette Filters?

Those of you used to traditional cigarettes are also accustomed to a lot of things you don’t have to put up with anymore.  Things like hundreds of toxins in your cigarettes, smelling like an ashtray, and the need to have a filter on your cigarette.

So you’ve looked into e-cigs as a smoking alternative and you’re wondering where the e-cigarette filters are at.  Again, just because you’re used to needing to filter out a bunch of nasty compounds doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing it.  When you use electronic cigarettes, you get to skip all those crazy chemicals and enjoy nothing but a nicotine level and flavor of your choosing.

As far as the smell goes, how do you feel about water vapor?  No nasty compounds in your e-cig not only means no e-cigarette filters, but it also means no noxious smell in that cloud of “smoke.”  E-cigs produce a very smoke-like cloud of water vapor that is not offensive to those around you.

No nasty compounds, no stink, and no filters.  Just a great smoking experience.

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