Why Did I End Up with Throat Pain from E-Cigs?

 If you think switching to e-cigs is a major change for you to make, just imagine what your body is going through.  Sure, you’re not dumping all those nasty chemicals into it anymore, but that doesn’t mean the change will be smooth right off the bat.  Some people even report some minor throat pain from e-cigs.

Feeling ill or having a sore throat after using smokeless cigarettes is fairly common.  This is typically described as your bodies natural reaction to not having a coating of tar, etc. over all the little parts of your lungs.  Throat pain from e-cigs is just your body clearing out all of that build-up from years of abuse.  You may also feel the need to cough quite a bit at first, though this will certainly pass with time.

Bottom line, your body has become addicted to the smokes you’re used to in a lot of ways.  Whether you have a little bit of physical discomfort to deal with at first or not, it’ll be well worth it to kick all those nasty compounds to the curb.

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