Why do People Love E-cigs?

You have probably noticed by now that the world seems to be abuzz about electronic cigarettes. From blogs to mall kiosks to your favorite celebrities, it seems out of nowhere came the e-cig craze. Of course, this leaves some people wondering how this became all the rage in such a short period of time. More specifically people are wondering why people seem to really love their electronic cigarettes so much.

Well, to be honest there are a number of reasons why users have become so fond of their e-cigs. Each user may have different reasons to rave about this type of product. Users may even have rave reviews about their own brand and not be very fond of others, as with traditional tobacco cigarettes. So it is important to realize that even if you do not fall head over heels for the first kind you try, don’t write all e-cigs off. It may just be a matter of finding the one that works for you.

So, what are some reasons people love e-cigs?

  • Satisfaction without the Mess – Relaxing with a nice after dinner electronic cigarette is a great way to unwind for the evening. Your friends who are sticking to traditional tobacco cigarettes may agree that unwinding with as after dinner smoke is better than regular dessert. Of course, for the electronic cigarette system you use, think about all of the things you do not have to deal with. There’s no ash to blow back in your face or smudge on your clothes. You no longer have the hot ember tip to worry about falling off and burning your clothing, skin or even starting a fire if not properly extinguished. Not to mention you no longer have to worry about the tar, smoke or even the lingering odor.
  • The Savings – With the cost of traditional cigarettes on the rise what seems like each and every day, consumers are tired of picking up the extra costs. It seems if you really took the time to evaluate what it all costs, you would probably try to quit. Instead we try not to think about it and keep paying the exuberant rates the cashier rings up at the mini-mart. If you are buying electronic cigarette refills, you will be amazed at the savings. Not only that but you have the freedom to shop around online to find the prices you are willing to pay. Go ahead and be honest with yourself now and do a finance worksheet. Figure out what it could save you if you were not buying standard cigarettes each week.
  • The Freedom – While there are some places that have banned the use of electronic cigarettes, it is not nearly as widespread as the ban against traditional tobacco cigarettes. Bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other venues are mostly on board with the use of the electronic cigarette devices. In fact, instead of the usual look of disgust and sarcastic comments you get in public when you smoke standard cigarettes, you actually get questions from inquisitive people wondering what your smokeless device is. Instead of making people mad, you can actually end up striking up a conversation and even making your e-cig a conversation piece.
  • The Variety – When e-cigs first came on the market, the lack of true appeal was partially because of the lack of flavor varieties. Sure, those tried and true smokers who loved the taste of classic tobacco could find their tobacco flavored option. Other users of the electronic cigarette were disappointed or uninterested because the flavors lacked any real interest. Of course now, depending on the brand you choose, you can find just about anything you could want or imagine. You can still find plenty of tobacco blend related flavors such as menthol and Turkish, but now there are more flavors than you would find at that ice cream chain famous for 31 flavors. Try coffee, energy drink, cherry, vanilla and almost anything else you could imagine.

The truth is the list could go on and on for the reasons users of electronic cigarettes love them. As with anything else, it is a matter of trying it for yourself and discovering what works. In fact, a large part of the reason for reviews is to help potential users gain some insight as to what may or may not work for them. There is a certain amount of trial and error involved, especially if you are new to e-cigs.

Use reviews from multiple places to hear what people love, and don’t love, about certain kinds of e-cigs. You can cross-reference and get an idea of which ones seem to be close to what you want. For instance if you actually want to stick to an electronic cigarette that offers mainly quality vapor volume with a classic tobacco taste, you can read enough reviews to learn which brands might be your favorites. This also helps you weed out ones that focus mainly on fun flavors and less on quality vapor. Soon you will know from experience why users love their electronic cigarettes.

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