Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Stop Smoking?

What a bummer!  You just stop smoking and now your throat hurts and you’re coughing all over the place.  Now, before you go running back to your cigarettes, know that this is a perfectly normal reaction for your body…

When You Stop Smoking

Within days of when you stop smoking, your body will notice the difference.  The lack of crazy chemicals coming into your body allows your innards to “wake up” again and start trying to purge the collection of nasty debris from your cigarettes.  The effect can be particularly pronounced in those who smoke menthols.

Smokeless Cigarettes

Of course, if you chose to stop smoking and switched to smokeless cigarettes as a smoking alternative, you may be feeling those same symptoms listed above.  This is because your old smokes contain over 40 known carcinogens, whereas smokeless cigarettes contain no known harmful compounds.  So, before you think your body is having a negative reaction to your new e-cigs, give yourself awhile to get used to fresh air and a toxin-free smoke.

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