Why E-cigs Are Likely to Be a Long Lasting Trend

Only a few years ago, no one had even heard of electronic cigarettes, but now they are everywhere, including local stores and even at the gas stations. They may have been considered a fad at one point, but they are likely to be a long lasting trend and will be part of the news in society for a long time to come.

The Sheer Numbers Are Mind Boggling 

Statistically speaking, there are millions of people who smoke in the United States, nearly 50 million to be exact. But, of those people, one in 40 is no longer technically smoking but vaping instead. That’s right: just over one million people (so far) have switched from their cigarettes to electronic cigarettes of many brands and styles. In a survey, people, most of them former or current smokers, were asked if they were satisfied with their e-cigarettes or not. More than 80 percent of them said that they were satisfied to very satisfied with their choice. Only a small percentage said that they were not satisfied with the electronic cigarettes.

It Might Be the Cost

The cost of a pack of cigarettes continues to climb higher and higher. Taxes, meant to cover the cost of legislation, health care and other smoking associated expenses, drive those costs even higher. And not only are they expensive, some of the brand names have risen to a point where even the most loyal smoker has had to walk away and start buying the less expensive generic brands. Once more and more people start smoking those, then the price on those will go even higher.

Cigarettes are regulated and monitored. They can’t be advertised in many places, which makes the big companies look for other ways to keep their product in front of consumers. That might drive the cost even higher.

Electronic cigarettes were very expensive when they first hit the market, but as they caught on, as more and more people started using them, the cost has come down. While you have to shop around a bit to find the best price and the right brand name for you, you can find a really good deal, probably comparable to your cigarette brands right now. You might even save money because you will have to buy replacements for the e-cigs less often.

It Might Be the Ingredients, Including the Mystery Ones

The average smoker assumes that their cigarette is filled with nothing but tobacco. For most of the big named brands, that might be true and the prices reflect that. For the cheaper, no name brands, though, there might be other things besides just tobacco leaves in each cigarette, including sticks and twigs and other things.

On the other hand, the electronic cigarette has the following ingredients: water, propylene glycol (not all brands have this, some rely on glycerin instead) and in some cases flavoring and nicotine.  Propylene glycol is an alcohol that is used in a very wide range of different products from health and beauty aids to others. It is the ingredient that allows for vaporization in the electronic cigarette.

It Might Be the Cosmetic Reasons

Smoking cigarettes causes wrinkles, yellowing of the skin and nails and makes the hair and clothing smell bad. Even when smokers go outdoors to smoke, they still end up with lingering smells clinging to them that are unpleasant and are even more noticeable to the non smokers around them. In some circles, cigarettes are vilified and smokers are demeaned- making smokers come up with lame excuses and apologies just for smoking!  But, in those very same circles, among those very same friends, e-cigarettes are perfectly okay and even welcomed.

It Might Be All the Rules

Quick, name the last time you finished a meal at a restaurant and pulled your chair back out and smoked a cigarette, blissfully full and not quite ready to waddle back out to your car. The answer is probably not coming to you very quickly because it was a very long time ago. Smoking in public places has been banned for many years. The last hold out to that law, smoking in bars, finally got hit and the last public place was gone.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend so much money on something you can’t even enjoy in so many places.

Currently there are few, if any regulations regarding the electronic cigarette and their use, which is quite beneficial. Individual places can put up signs that ban their use however. Because some electronic cigarettes are designed to look like a traditional cigarette, you might expect some hassles and problems arising from using them. You might need to carry some information about what the electronic cigarette is, but you can bet that most people have at least seen one advertised at some point.

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