Why is My E-Cig Atomizer Burned Out?

Hands-down, one of the most frustrating moments in a vaper’s life is when his or her e-cig atomizer burns out.  For those of you still smoking traditional cigarettes, this would be similar to having your lighter run out with no matches in sight.  What’s the deal with atomizers burning out?

E-Cig Atomizer

For the rookies among our readers, the e-cig atomizer is the mechanism that releases the nicotine and flavor when you “drag” on a smokeless cigarette.  Clearly a crucial component of the operation, the e-cig atomizer is known to have a limited lifespan depending on the manufacturer and the quality.

New E-Cig Atomizer

When your e-cig atomizer burns out, hopefully you’ll stay calm and consider your options.  Unfortunately, depending on your e-cig of choice, your only option may be to order another.  This will not only cost money, but it will also take some time to arrive.

SmokeTip Atomizer

Of course, if you’re one of the lucky folks who chose a high quality brand, you’ll be fine.  Why is that?  Because each cartridge comes with a brand new atomizer.  This means your atomizer will likely never burn out, but even if it does, you’ll definitely have spare cartridges on you.

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