Why People Enjoy E-cigs Better

As the growing popularity for electronic cigarettes increases, many people who have never tried them are wondering why exactly the boom has happened. It is understandable to be curious about this especially before committing to buy a starter kit yourself. Although many starter kits are more than affordable, no one wants to throw away money on a product they may not like.

Of course, without trying it the bottom line is that you will never know, regardless of how many reviews, blogs or articles you read on the subject. In this case it’s not that seeing is believing, but trying is. However, many people still need a little convincing or would like to get a better understanding of why so many users swear by their electronic cigarettes. Here are just a few reasons some people like e-cigs even better than the real thing:

  • More widely accepted – While not every place has completely banned standard tobacco smoking, this habit is certainly not nearly as accepted as it once was. On the other hand, it’s also true that not every place allows the use of electronic cigarette vaping. However you will find that in many situations it has actually become much more publicly acceptable. Not only that but other people will curiously inquire about your e-cig instead of frown, cough and make rude comments as they often do with regular cigarettes.
  • Odor-free enjoyment – One of the main reasons you will hear people raving about electronic cigarettes is that the odor does not get into everything you own as it does with traditional tobacco cigarettes. You can almost always detect a tobacco smoker even if you are one yourself. The scent gets into your hair, clothing and on your skin, not to mention it seems to cling to your curtains, furniture and the interior of your car. You can try to mask the scent with sprays but it only works so much. With e-cigs you can use the device and then be done with the smell when you stop using the electronic cigarette.
  • No more stinky breath – When you use an e-cig you can stop worrying about trying to cover up your bad smoker’s breath with mints and gum. Electronic ones do not leave the same unbearable smell lingering on your breath or the bad taste in your mouth. Those who stick to using e-cigs over standard tobacco do not have to worry about having smoker’s breath or that others around them will be able to point them out as a smoker based on the scent of their clothing, hair, skin or breath. Gone are the days too when your significant other claims that a kiss is like licking an ashtray.
  • The cost – The impact you will notice on your wallet is quite another good reason for people to like e-cigs better than standards cigs. Although the initial upfront cost of a starter kit may be more than what you would invest in a carton of tobacco cigarettes, once you have this kit your costs will be minimal. This is especially true when compared to the cost of a pack of cigarettes. While the cost of tobacco smokes continues to rise almost daily, the electronic cigarette industry manages to keep a fairly even rate going for starter kits, accessories and supplies.
  • Smokeless – Being smokeless is among the top reasons many people prefer the electronic cigarette to the standard tobacco type. When you read reviews for different e-cigs you will usually see a mention of vapor. Usually the vapor volume gets a rating that is meant to imitate the inhalation of standard cigarette smoke, but without the smoke. When you use your e-cig, you do not have trails of smoke emanating from the device getting in your eyes and annoying those around you. The only time you will get that rich, plume of vapor which you inhale and exhale is when you take a drag. The exhalation is the only time there may be some vapor around others briefly, but it quickly dissipates and does not leave an odor.

Of course once you try it you may find your own reason to add to the list. The only way you will know is to try it for yourself. The truth is that different people come to enjoy electronic cigarettes for different reasons and you own reason may be different to what you find here on this list.

Once you try one for yourself, you will have an idea of why people seem to prefer electronic to traditional. If you are still trying to discover what the craze is all about before committing to buying a starter kit, read up on reviews, blogs and articles. Through these you can find the wide variety of reasons that may be enough to convince you to give it a try.

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