Why Smoking Alternatives Usually Don’t Work

So you’ve tried a lot of smoking alternatives over the years and none have worked for you.  Fair enough, but let’s talk about why things like nicotine gum and patches don’t work.  Once we identify the reasons these particular smoking alternatives come up short, you’ll realize there is hope for something new now…

Smoking Alternatives

If all you needed to quit smoking was your nicotine fix than any of these smoking alternatives would probably have close to a 100% success rate.  Obviously, that’s not the case.  The reason the gums and patches fall short is because they fail to delivery any of the smoking experience.  After all, whoever heard of taking a gum break?  And what are you supposed to do when you’re hanging out with your friends?  Break out a pack of nicotine patches?  So if these products don’t provide the smoking experience you’re used to, then who can blame you for returning to your cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes

Highly advanced, affordable electronic cigarettes may be the most exciting news ever in smoking alternatives.  E-cigs have not been formally tested as a smoking cessation product and cannot be marketed as such.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t clearly do a better job of simulating the smoking experience you’re used to.  You get the nicotine, the “cigarette,” even the cloud of smoke and the light on the end.  Of course, you’ll have to deal with not having all the nasty chemicals in your old smokes.

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