Why Turn to E-Cigs?

You may ask yourself why turn to e-cigs, and there are many reasons why this is becoming a new fad. The pros of these devices are what is making them so popular. Take a look at the some of the reasons why you may want to enjoy one of these devices:

Affordability – Although you have to pay a onetime fee for the device, there are inexpensive options. The fees for a starter kit are generally around a $50 to $150 range. The good news is that one device should last a long time, and cartridges or e-juice are your only additional expense. The device runs off of a battery, which can easily be charged in any USB port. They can be used anywhere and at any time as fast as you can charge them.

Cartridges – The two piece devices use cartridges to get the flavor vapor. These cartridges contain e-juice that come in different flavors. Due to the popularity, more flavors are being developed so that the users have even more options to fit their tastes. Most of the cartridges are refillable depending on which style you choose. Here are some of the varieties that are offered:

    • Cherry
    • Chocolate
    • Coffee
    • Regular
    • Vanilla
    • Amaretto

Nicotine – These mechanisms can range from small amounts of nicotine to zero nicotine. There is the option of increasing it, but many users prefer to try little to no nicotine. The nicotine can be refilled into the cartridges with a dropper. For those who decide not to fill the cartridges on their own, there is the option of buying new cartridges.

Accessibility – The new trend and popularity of these devices is also because they are portable and easily accessible. They can be used in most places such as your favorite restaurant or bar, including many that have banned regular smoking. Instead of annoying people around you when you use one in public, you will more than likely only raise curiosity. It is always a good idea to ask before using these devices in public. Many places allow them but some still treat them in the same manner as traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Cleanliness – These devices do not need to be extinguished in ashtrays nor do they create ashes so they do not require any real clean up. They also do not cause odors or burns that ashes normally produce. The vapors from the instruments do not emerge from it, rather they are inhaled by the user making them cleaner and less bothersome to anyone nearby. Not having hot ashes to deal with also reduces the chances of having burns on skin, hair or clothing.

Points of purchase – You have the option to purchase one of these devices from a variety of places online and off. Generally wherever you end up buying your device you will want to start with the starter kit. Generally these include everything you need to get started and can be found either online or offline. You may need to add on accessories but this is usually a great way to get started.

    • Two-piece – The two piece kits come accompanied by a battery and cartridge. With only two pieces there is less a chance of leakage and breakage.
    • Three-piece – Three piece kits come equipped with an atomizer, battery and cartridge. The reasons some people prefer these is that you can fill them with e-liquid yourself.
    • Disposable – Disposable e-cigs can only be used one time. These are less expensive and give the user the option to buy more. They come pre charged, but the cartridges cannot be refilled.

Low cost insurance– Something that you may have not considered is that by using the new mechanism you are technically not considered a tobacco smoker. Smokers have considerably higher insurance rates due to problems associated with their health. Call your insurance provider and ask them the provisions surrounding the device. You may meet the requirements for a lower insurance rate.

Breath – Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes tends to leave a smoker with bad breath. Not only that but you are generally left with a foul taste in your mouth. When you are vaping, this same thing is not true. You’ll taste whatever flavor you are vaping and not be left with terrible smoker’s breath.


Hopefully this has given you the chance to understand the pros associated with this mechanism and its accessories. This new fad is quickly replacing traditional methods as having more options and being more publically accepted. Different styles and flavors give the user the opportunity to explore them while being able to enjoy this new concept.

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