Why You Should Sample Several E-cigarette Brands for Your Best Fit

When electronic cigarettes were introduced, there were only a few brands that were sold in the United States while the market was explored. Once they caught on, though, more and more brands were introduced. Soon, they were everywhere, even at the local stores and big box retailers in a variety of styles, colors and flavors. With that many options, it might be a little confusing, and it might be hard to tell which is the best for your own needs. After all, you probably didn’t just start smoking one brand of cigarettes without at least sampling other types. And most people change after a while because of price or a simple change in tastes.

Before you get brand loyal with e-cigs, it might be important to try a number of different types so that you are getting the best flavor and style for your needs.

Different Brands, Different Levels of Vapor Output

Vapor is the goal with an electronic cigarette. The amount of vapor that is produced is what gives the user the sensation of smoking so the thicker the vapor, the more realistic it might feel. You cannot compare the amount of vapor from one brand to another if you only try the one type. You can read reviews on the forums and on the message boards, but those are personal opinions and may not reflect how the product will work for you. It is important that you find one that works correctly for you.

Vapor output is also influenced by how hard you have to draw on the tip of the electronic cigarette. If you want to have an easy pull without having to work hard for a good amount of vapor, then you might have to do a little sampling to find that- remember, some brands are designed to give an easier draw than others. Again, get an idea about draw from the message boards but then draw your own conclusions from your own experience.

How about Flavors: Is Flavor Important to You?

Flavors are another consideration to keep in mind. Some brands only have a few flavors to choose from; some brands have many flavors. Still other brands only have the standard tobacco flavor. Most brands start with the flavor they call tobacco, but one brand might be more like a traditional cigarette than others. If that is the only flavor that you know you will be interested in, you might still need to sample a few to find the right taste.

Ask friends, read the forums and see how each brand compares with the top brands of traditional cigarettes. If you want to try the more exotic flavors, though, you should consider the type that appeals to you the most. Some brands sell sampler packs that will give you a mixture of various, top selling flavors, which might be the easiest and most economical way to find the best flavor for you.

Nicotine Level: Do You Want to Decrease the Amount of Nicotine You Are Getting?

Another thing you need to consider is how much nicotine is contained in the electronic cigarettes that you are vaping. Every brand has a different level, and most even sell some that have zero nicotine. Many brands have more than a few levels of nicotine so you can start with the highest level and then gradually step down to zero if you would like to. But, just like flavor is individual, the nicotine levels are also individual. You need to try a few brands so that you find the one with the right level for your personal needs and your goals, no matter what they might be.

Battery Life

Every brand advertises its battery life based on the tests that they do or on an average of several users. But, as not everyone uses their electronic cigarettes the same way or at the same rate, it is unlikely that battery life will be exact from person to person. You might find that your battery lasts longer than what is advertised with one brand or dramatically shorter with another. Most batteries can only be charged so many times before they have to be replaced again, which is an added expense. You should test battery life from several brands so that you know which is the most reliable for you.

Expense and Replacement Costs

Of course, you should also compare the cost of a starter package plus all of the replacement items that you will have to buy. Always consider the cost of shipping and handling and any discounts that you might be able to get before you make any final decisions. Remember the starter package is always the most expensive part of starting with the electronic cigarette.

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