Will I Miss Smoking?

Of course if you are planning on not smoking standard tobacco cigarettes, you will probably be wondering this. The best way to answer this is by pointing out that this is a unique experience for each smoker. Some people have a hard time giving up traditional cigarettes, and for others it is easy. Some people do miss cigarettes, while others are simply thrilled to be done with them. The only way to know is to go through the experience yourself.

The good news, however, is that many people who use electronic cigarettes like the taste, the vapor and the feel of it in their hand. Having a similar experience to standard smoking can make you miss it less or, in some cases, not at all. This is why reading reviews and trying to find the right brand for you is crucial to making this an easy task to handle and getting the results you want.

The Good News

The good news is that there are some things you will not miss about smoking. There are things that you get from dealing with tobacco cigarettes that you will not have to deal with when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Sometimes just keeping this kind of mental list around as a reminder can really help make a difference.

The smell – This is probably one of the biggest complaints non-smokers have about tobacco smokers. The sad thing is even smokers don’t generally like the lingering smell. That scent sticks to your clothing, skin, hair and inside an area where you smoke, such as your home or car. The longer it lingers from not being cleaned off, the staler it gets. The bottom line there is nothing pleasant about smelling like a dirty ashtray.

With electronic cigarettes you do not have this problem. Ironically, if you start using electronic cigarettes you will start to notice when you smell regular smoke. You will be able to smell a room where a smoker has been. Spend an evening out with a smoker, and you will detect it on your clothing, hair and your skin. This alone will remind you how much you do not miss smoking.

Being an outcast – This is a big one. Smokers are usually forced to smoke outside, which means enduring the cold, the rain and snow to have a puff. Smokers have to excuse themselves from social situations to go have a smoke, which means missing out on a lot of special moments. Smokers have been banned from smoking inside almost every type of establishment there is, depending on the state, including even bars. This again causes smokers to miss out on things that happen so they can detach themselves from others to go huff down a cigarette.

The bottom line is that a smoker really is a bit of an outcast these days. Even just the looks and comments one still gets from strangers or even friends and loved ones when going outside to go smoke are difficult. In fact, even smoking outside where it is still legal warrants sideways glances and comments. Being an outcast and missing special moments in your own social life is another thing you will not have to miss about smoking.

Your yellow fingernails – Forget the nails, how about your teeth too? While not all smokers end up with an obvious shade of yellow on their fingernails, fingers and teeth, almost every smoker gets it to some degree. It is like a scarlet letter pointing out that you smoke. No matter how cleaned up you get for an event, once you start meeting people and they see your yellowed nails, fingers and teeth, it’s a sure sign you are a smoker.

It does not matter how much you wash your hands or brush your teeth, it never seems to do enough. Over the years – the longer you smoke, the more you are going to get that deeper shade of yellow building up. However, once you put the standard tobacco cigarette down this begins to go away. Say good-bye to yellow fingernails, fingertips and teeth as you find yet another reason not to miss smoking.

 That’s Not All

There are lots of other things you will not miss about smoking. For instance, smoking can practically kill your taste buds as well as your sense of smell. Once you let go of smoking standard tobacco cigarettes, you will be amazed at how different things taste and smell. Enjoying a meal is a whole new experience as you smell the rich aroma and taste the true flavors. Though it can be a gradual return for some smokers, it is still something you can expect to begin to notice almost immediately.

It is also nice to not have something always calling to you and disrupting your day because you crave it. How many days at work or projects at home were derailed in the midst of them for you to run outside and have a smoke? When you aren’t giving in to the cravings, you are dealing with having them. That almost constant urge to have one but trying to put it off just a few minutes more. It isn’t just disruptive or annoying; it is like having to admit something else actually controls your life.

Yes, there is a chance you will miss smoking at least occasionally or at first. The good news is that this doesn’t mean it will last. As your sense of taste and smell are restored and you also begin to breathe easier again, you will miss smoking a lot less. When your fingernails, fingers and teeth begin to lose that yellow stain, you will also be missing smoking less. For each social gathering you do not have to miss important moments to stand outside in the freezing sleet to puff down a smoke you will really miss smoking less.