Will NYE See More E-cig Using Party Goers?

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, who isn’t thinking about making plans for that day? Many people make their plans around environments that will permit them to do certain things such as vape. Vaping has become the new trend amongst traditional tobacco users. These users have made the switch over because they feel that vaping will not stain their tenth nor will it make their clothing smell like smoke. This is great for party goers because they can now have fun and vape without any repercussions.

There are many places that have banned traditional smoking. These places include but are not limited to restaurants, bars, public buildings and other places. Now smokers have to stand a certain distance from a building in order to enjoy a smoke. This is not the case for electronic vapors because there is no odor from the device and it is all vapors as opposed to physical smoke.

Here are some things to consider about electronic vaping devices when using them on New Year’s Eve:

  • Smoke – As mentioned earlier, no smoke is emitted from an electronic device. The juice is turned into vapors as the atomizer heats the juice up. So if you cannot stand smoke but want to try an electronic vaping device out, then this would be great fit for you on that special night.
  • Stains – One of the worst things about traditional tobacco smoke is that it stains the skin and worst of all the teeth. Tobacco leaves behind a yellow film that comes from the tar. In most cases it is very hard to remove it and leaves permanent damage behind. This is not the case with an electronic vaping device.
  • Burns – How many times have you burned yourself with a cigarette and felt the pain of a scar left behind from it? Probably a lot as it is a common problem caused by smoking. With an electronic vaping device, there is nothing that can leave a serious burn behind as the device runs off of batteries. Much safer and less hazardous.
  • Lighters – Lighters can be an added expense that you don’t need for smoking. They usually get lost and someone is always borrowing them and not returning it. Then it’s you who is left without one when you really need a tobacco fix. The electronic mechanisms do not require a lighter. They run off of batteries so all you would need to replace are the batteries, eventually.

Hope those helpful tips made it easier to decide where to go on New Year’s Eve. Those tips are good for planning something to do. Remember that you can always call ahead to see if the place that you plan on going accepts electronic devices. You do not want to go to a place and end up being told you can only use your device outside. That would ruin your plans altogether.

Here are some areas where most people spend New Year’s Eve. Call ahead and make a reservation beforehand to see if they allow the use of electronic vaping devices.

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Ski resorts
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Lodges

There are certain places that you should know for sure that do not allow vaping. Most of these places have already banned traditional smoking and all other forms of it. They are as follows:

  • Airports
  • Malls
  • Department stores
  • Convenient stores
  • Colleges

Most of these places will give you a hefty fine for doing so. You always want to check first. Never go into a place assuming that you are able to vape and find out that you cannot.

There are many places to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. Restaurants and bars normally get to full capacity on that night. People love to ring in the New Year with others by them. The one thing that they are not looking for in a packed house is tobacco smoke. People in close proximity do not want to smell like tobacco smoke. That’s why the electronic vaping devices are so convenient. They don’t emit any foul odors.

Here is a list of things to consider when making your New Years Eve reservations:

  • Allow vaping – Call ahead to wherever you are going on that evening and see if they allow vaping in their building. Most places won’t mind, but the courteous thing to do is call first.
  • Batteries – Make sure your device has enough battery power for that night. You do not want to run out in the middle of an event. And besides, there are no places to buy another battery if you needed on in a pinch.
  • Juice – Make sure that you pack your favorite juice with you on that night. Have it ready to vape so that you are not wasting your night filling up the device.

Most of all, remember to have a great time on New Year’s Eve. You only get to enjoy it once a year. And always be sure that your electronic vaping device is working properly. Clean it regularly and take good care of it.

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