You Can Still Be a Cowboy With an E-cig

John Wayne, Charles Bronson Humphrey Bogart were smokers. It’s no secret. And let’s be honest, part of their tough guy image came from the images of them with an unfiltered butt dangling from the corner of their mouth. Pair that with the sneer, the one eyed squint and a gun and you have the ultimate macho cowboy or tough guy.

While Bogart was maybe less of the true tough guy, he still had the ideal image of a man’s man who got the ladies. All of these traits were only complemented by a standard tobacco cigarette. Usually the ladies whose company they kept were smokers too.

Watch movies with Clint Eastwood, Al Pacinio, James Dean, Telly Savalas and the majority of men who got the leading role from the old days and there is no shortage of scenes including cigarettes. That’s part of the problem. Many men grew up thinking that to be cool and tough or to get the lady, part of your lifestyle had to include smoking standard tobacco cigarettes.

Is Electronic the Same?

When the electronic smokeless version of tobacco cigarettes first came out many people were leery. For one thing smoking in general had gone from looking cool to having such a bad name and image as the truth about the effects on the body and a person’s health became widely known. Even those who still smoked seemed to want to hide that fact and became more of a closet smoker.

There really wasn’t any other choice but to be a closet smoker as there was nowhere in public that was acceptable to smoke. Even those manly man bars and hang outs banned the use of traditional tobacco smoking and use. The only other option was a smokeless version, but people were skeptical at first.

This was especially true of men who still wanted to keep up that tough guy image. Using an electronic device with a glowing jeweled tip just didn’t seem like their cup of tea or, more likely, their shot of whiskey. However that is beginning to change.

Why the Shift?

The overall image of electronic mechanisms is changing. The “cool” that old traditional tobacco smoking was has now been replaced by the use of electronic devices. With so many brands, styles and even flavors available, there is no reason why the modern day cowboy can’t still look just as tough with an e-cig.

Some of the most popular “manly man” flavors for these devices or e-juice include:

  • Traditional Tobacco Regular or Light
  • Cigar
  • French Pipe
  • Menthol
  • Turkish Blend
  • And so much more

A guy’s favorite traditional tobacco flavor in the brand of cigarette he smoked can now be found in the electronic e-juice version. It isn’t all about looking cool at a club with “Tutti Frutti” flavored e-juice.

Even those men who once kept up their tough guy image by rolling their own cigarettes can now be the guys, who fill their own cartridges. The way people and society now perceive the electronic version of this manly pastime is beginning to change.

Understanding the Restrictions

Of course part of being a smokeless device user also means knowing where you can use your mechanism for vaping. Even though this option is not as widely banned as traditional tobacco smoking, you should be aware that not everywhere simply allows the use of these devices. Places such as airplanes and most workplaces prohibit the use.

So before deciding to ride your horse into town and follow up a meal at a restaurant with some vaping, you still need to be aware of the current restrictions. The thing is, this changes every day. While they were accepted everywhere at first the rules have changed as the popularity has grown.

First of all, before traveling anywhere make sure your device is allowed. Many states and countries have banned the use of these devices and taking them on a trip would be pointless. Just check with current guidelines before making your travel plans. Never assume it is permissible. Even if you traveled some place a year ago the rules could easily have changed by now.

Also it is a good idea to check the rules of a certain establishment before going. Some places do not allow them at all and treat them with the same rules and guidelines as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some places do at least allow outdoor use, such as on their patio.

If you are attending someone’s party or get together you should also check with them before bringing your device. Even if it is planned for outdoors you don’t want to offend your host or the other guests.

The bottom line is that the image of the smokeless device has come a long way. Nowadays even the toughest of men can still look cool vaping instead of smoking.

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