Your Guide to Promoting Safe Cig Usage

Without a doubt, cigarettes are some of the most dangerous things we carry in our pockets.  If you’re a smoker or you’re friends with smokers, you’d probably love a few tips on how to promote safe cig usage.  I know I would.

First off, let’s focus on the obvious.  Traditional cigarettes contain all kinds of nasties, including dozens of carcinogens.  Smoking alternatives are great and all, but they do nothing to truly replace the smoking experience.  Until e-cigs, that is.  True safe cig use really requires the purchase of an electric cigarette, seeing as how these devices contain none of the harmful compounds found in the smokes you’re used to.

Another significant danger of cigarette use?  Fires.  You know what never causes fires?  Vapor cigarettes.  That’s because they don’t really have a flame on the end.  That’s right, it’s nothing but an LED light down there, designed to look like a cigarette when you take a drag.  Looks like the safe cig reputation is firmly in hand with this little baby.

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