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Pods connect to our SmokePod system.  Each pod holds 1.5ml... more than double than other pod systems & is equal to nearly 3 packs of traditional cigarettes. A solid 1.6 ohm atomizer assures huge vapor, perfect temperature and every drop tastes as good as the first - every time. We added a convenient magnet connector to make changing pods a breeze - easy to insert, easy to remove. The mouthpiece has a subtle tapered edge, curved to perfection for a comfortable fit. We are confident you will love our SmokePod... backed by our money back guarantee. 


About Our Liquids

• No Tobacco

• Highest grade synthetic nicotine

• FDA Registered.

• We follow all practices & guidelines of GMP.

• AMESA Certified.

• FDA Approved Nicotine (when applicable).

• FDA approved Vegetable Glycerin.

• FDA Approved Propylene Glycol.

• We NEVER pre-blend, barrel or store juice for long periods.

• Our Flavors utilize only the best ingredients the industry has to offer.

• Our Molecular Biologist assures your all of your flavors and blends are of the highest quality.





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