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MiniSub Vaporizer

The MiniSub Vaporizer connets to the MiniSub Battery


Vaping for the future - Small in size but big on vapor - fits in the palm of your hand! Great flavor & easy to fill. Our smart adjustable airflow & drip tip makes vaping a joy! Connects perfectly with our MiniSub Battery.



3.3 to 4.2 volts

.5 ohms (Variable Sub Ohms)


What is Sub Ohms?

Simply put, some advanced vaporizers like our MiniSub use a resistance (ohms) less than 1. The lower the ohms (resistance) the more power which increases flavor and vapor production. The advanced feature of our MiniSub allows you to fluctuate voltage based on your habits.  You can adjust the airflow and draw naturally and create a small vapor experience or create huge clouds - naturally without changing settings.

MiniSub Vaporizer




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