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MiniSub Vaporizer


(1) MiniSub Vaporizer with Atomizer


Works with our MiniSub.


Easiest to use sub vaporizer on the market. Easy to fill and easy to vape. Big flavor & vapor in a high quality metal vaporizer that can fit in the palm of your hand. Top filling and our special designed drip tip means you can fill & vape without removing the vaporizer from the battery : )


So easy to fill you can vape without removing anything with our advanced drip tip. Also filling the tank is a breeze from the top - no need to play finger gymnastics with over complicated parts and no need to remove the vaporizer from the battery when it comes time to fill. Our MiniSub was designed with less than HALF the moving parts but can produce more vapor (if desired) than units 3 times it's size. Less parts mean less confusion, easier cleaning & easier to reassemble that any other vaporizer. 


To top it all off our smart adjustable airflow makes vaping a joy! Easily change the airflow with our easy latch dial.



3.3 to 4.2 volts

.5 ohms (Variable Sub Ohms)


What is Sub Ohms?

Simply put, some advanced vaporizers like our MiniSub use a resistance (ohms) less than 1. The lower the ohms (resistance) the more power which increases flavor and vapor production. Our SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette for example uses about 1.2 to 2 ohms which means a more subtle vapor production, closer to a traditional cigarette. The advanced feature of our MiniSub gives you the best of both where our smart battery can actually fluctuate voltage based on your habits. As stated above, you can adjust the airflow and draw naturally and create a small vapor experience or create huge clouds - naturally without changing settings.


About Our Liquids

• FDA Registered.

• We follow all practices & guidelines of GMP.

• AMESA Certified.

• FDA Approved Nicotine (when applicable).

• FDA approved Vegetable Glycerin.

• FDA Approved Propylene Glycol.

• All of our liquids are Blended Fresh. We do NOT make liquids for a year ahead of time!

• We NEVER pre-blend, barrel or store juice for long periods.

• Our Flavors utilize only the best ingredients the industry has to offer.

• Our Molecular Biologist assures your all of your flavors and blends are of the highest quality.

About Our CBD Oil

All CBD oils are not created equal! Our CBD is manufactured from ultra-purified, de-waxed CBD concentrate. We bond our full spectrum CBD to glycerin, releasing the terpenes and flavonoids. 100+mg of our full spectrum CBD oil per bottle. Full spectrum CBD oil, 100% organic vegetable glycerin, polysorbate

When you order CBD Oil, choose 0mg for the nicotine strength.

MiniSub Vaporizer




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