vBar Refillable Kit


(1) Rechargable Lithium Battery (320mAh)

(1) Refillable vPod

(1) USB Charging Dock
(1) USB-C Cable


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Elegant, simple, enjoyable : )


The vBar is ultra slim & feather light. Beautiful 360° curved edges, cobblestone feel with the higest quality aluminum-oxidide coating - built to last. Seamless epoxy-metal combined technology with a gentle LED light battery indicator.


It boasts a  high temperature ceramic coil, heating your choice of liquid to the optimal temperature automatically adjusting based on your habits - no buttons required. The battery charges with a smooth magnet connector - no fumbling with small ports.



  • 7.22 mm thick
  • 16.2g feather weight
  • 320mAh Lithium battery
  • ≈ 250 puffs per filled vPod
  • Each vPod can be filled 4-6 times


About Our Products

• FDA Registered.

• We follow all practices & guidelines of GMP.

• AMESA Certified.

• FDA Approved Nicotine (when applicable).

• FDA approved Vegetable Glycerin.

• FDA Approved Propylene Glycol.

• Our Flavors utilize only the best ingredients the industry has to offer.

• Our Molecular Biologist assures your all of your flavors and blends are of the highest quality.

vBar Refillable Kit




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